A beautiful dove of peace settling on an olive branch, handmade and finished in 925 Sterling Silver with 18k gold highlights.

This is a special necklace showing a dove of peace settling onto an olive branch that symbolises love, friendship, and above all peace. All handmade from 925 Sterling Silver the dove having 18k gold plating in a highly polished finish is then contrasted exquisitely with the olive branch with a softer matt finish. Then the main branch and surround are highly polished silver to make the overall effect just sing out to the eye.

This may be a gift for a number of occasions, maybe just expressing peace in a difficult time or have a peaceful retirement. Or to say peace be with you.

All our designs are completely hand made and finished with care and attention taken on every detail. All our jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold highlights.

The pendant itself is approximately 1cm wide by 2.1cm high, and comes on a sixteen inch chain with a two inch extension to allow the wearer to set the desired length for each indvidual outfit.

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