Seraphim Rose Gold Plated Holder With Zirconia & Silver Sound Ball

£19.47 £38.95

Call on you're Guardian Angel with this beautifully crafted pendant and silver sound ball. Each sound ball chimes when it is gently shaken, to give a calming soothing and reassuring sound.  All of our exquisite Seraphim pendants can be opened to allow the wearer, to change the colour of the sound ball. Each colour embodies contrasting qualities, meanings and harmony. Silver stands for, making wise decisions with perception and tolerance.

Other sound ball colours available are

  • White   : brilliance perfection innocence purity 
  • Blue     : responsibility fluidity concentration
  • Silver   : wisdom wise tolerant 
  • Purple  : freedom balance independent
  • Red     : strength fire passion
  • Black  :  mysterious elegant

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