Sterling Sliver Bird Cage & Heart Necklace


"You have captured my heart"

A delicate little handmade birdcage necklace with a rose gold heart suspended inside, exclusive from Lauryn James.

Handmade from sterling silver this exquisite necklace is a fine little birdcage containing a Rose Gold Heart.

A little bird sits on top of the cage and sings to its partner, letting them know you have captured my Heart.

This stunning piece of timeless jewellery makes a fabulous gift to a much loved one. Showing how deeply you have captured or wish to capture their Heart.

As a secret touch is the birdcage can be opened to expose the rose gold heart more clearly, and thus express your love for this special person in your life.

Held by a strong solid sterling silver necklace that extends to 18 inches, the perfect length to place the bird close to their heart.

Presented in a high quality jewellery box with velvet padding.

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